Meenk Zoethout (Sweetwood) 100 g

Meenk Zoethout  (Sweetwood) brings  back many memories for some. As children we used to get a piece of zoethout which is basically licorice root. One of these sticks wood  last you all day.

Wikipedia says,

Dried sticks of the liquorice root are also a traditional confectionery in their own right in the Netherlands, although their popularity has quickly waned in recent decades. They were sold simply as sticks of zoethout ('sweet wood') to chew on as a candy. Through chewing and suckling, the intensely sweet flavour is released. The sweetness is 30 to 50 times as strong as sucrose, without causing damage to teeth. Since about the 1970s, zoethout has become rarer and been replaced by easier to consume candies (including 'drop').

Interesting right!

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