Our Story!

After working for 42 years running an imported food store in Winnipeg, new management took over and decided my wife and I were no longer an asset to the business. We were dismissed. Being 62 years old, we thought that this would be the end of our working lives and we would have to survive on what little savings we had. We loved our jobs and in truth would have probably continued to work for as long as we could. But sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you plan.

Because we were the face of the business for all those years, people started contacting us to ask us when we would open our own store. Although we had discussed the idea several times it was obvious that there was support out there.

So we dug into our retirement fund, as scary as that was, and decided to start with an online store, due mostly to the COVID situation. We found a warehouse location and contacted suppliers, launched a website, and went from there. It seems that Winnipeggers were waiting for us because we started off with a bang. It was everything my wife and I could do to keep up.

12 months later we are still here, shipping all over the country, delivering orders around town, and many customers coming in to do their shopping. This pleasantly surprised us but had we known we probably would have picked a different location. Now we have closed the warehouse and have moved the operation. We are looking hard for a better location but in the meantime you can call us 204-291-7172, email sales@dutchysmarket.com or place your orders online.