Dutch Smoked Sausage 400 gram Ring

Dutch Smoked Sausage is made from the finest cuts of pork and smoked with natural hardwood chips. Each 400 gram-average portion is prepared to perfection, delivering a unique taste and texture. Enjoy the rich smoky flavor of this traditional Dutch sausage for an authentic culinary experience.

It is a favorite with stamppot. A smoked fine pork sausage that is mildly spiced and garlic free. Great warmed up! Called Gelderse Rookworst by the Dutch and is usually served with Stamppots but is great anytime.

This item cannot be shipped: We generally do not ship this product because it temperature sensitive. If you wish to try it, we can ship them with ice packs, available for purchase on our website $1.25 each, but we will not guarantee safe delivery and there will be no refunds. We would also suggest Express Post. You will be contacted before shipping to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

They are available for local deliveries.

$10.99 CAD