Gouda Aged

Vandersterre is a company that started in 1946 in North Holland. They are a family owned business, which we love, and they are a  socially and environmentally responsible company. There Gouda is one of the the few we have found which is properly aged before it shipped giving it rich flavour and excellent texture. Something you don't see often. The larger distributors will usually ship the youngest cheese. A lot of customers are telling us they have been buying medium cheese because they have found the mild didn't have enough flavour in other brands. Now they are buying the lower priced mild instead of medium again. Find out for yourself and order yours today. For more about the company check out there website at Vandersterre.com


Gouda aged is produced and ripened in the fine, Dutch cheese making tradition. The long ripening period gives the cheese its rich taste. It has full flavour, hearty and a bit sweet taste. The texture is crumbly and it is best to serve at room temperature. Serve it on a charcuterie board with a glass of Merlot or Cabernet and you will be a hit with your guests.

This item cannot be shipped: We generally do not ship this product because it temperature sensitive. If you wish to try it, we can ship them with ice packs, available for purchase on our website $1.25 each, but we will not guarantee safe delivery and there will be no refunds. We would also suggest Express Post. You will be contacted before shipping to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

They are available for local deliveries.

$21.95 CAD

450 grams approx. ($4.39 per 100 g)
Quarter wheel approximately 900 g ($4.29 per 100g)
half wheel Approximately 1.9 kgs ($4.20 per 100 g)
Whole wheel approximately 3.8 kg ($3.95 per 100 g)